JioTag Launched In India: Track Your Belongings With Ease, Know Its Cost

Jio has launched Jio Tag in India at an attractive price. A Bluetooth device that when connected to objects enables the user to locate those objects easily. JioTag has been introduced in the country as an alternative to Apple AirTag. Apple charges Rs 3,490 for each AirTag and Rs 11,900 for a set of four. On the other hand, Jio is selling the JioTag at a lower price than it actually costs, which is Rs 2,199. Currently, the Bluetooth device is being sold by Jio at a discounted price of Rs. 749. You can buy JioTag from the official website of Jio-

Jio has launched JioTag in India at an attractive price. This Bluetooth device allows users to easily locate their belongings by linking them to important items. Serving as an alternative to Apple AirTag, JioTag is available at a much lower cost. While Apple charges Rs 3,490 for a single AirTag and Rs 11,900 for a set of four, Jio is offering the JioTag for just Rs 2,199. Currently, Jio is selling the Bluetooth device at a discounted price of Rs. 749 through their official website –

JioTag is a thoughtful and effective Bluetooth gadget that simplifies the task of tracking personal belongings. Users can attach JioTag to various items such as purse, wallet or keychain, allowing easy monitoring of their location. The lightweight tag has a white square shape that is visually appealing and convenient to carry. With an indoor range of 20 meters and an outdoor range of 50 metres, the JioTag has a battery life of one year.

Using the JioThings app on your smartphone, JioTag is easy to set up and use. Simply link the tag to the app, and then attach it to your wallet, handbag, or any other valuable item you want to keep track of. Even if your phone is on silent mode, it will ring when activated by the double-tap feature. Additionally, JioTag provides alerts to customers who may have forgotten tagged belongings such as wallet, keys or other items.

A notable feature of JioTag is its “Community Find” function. It allows users to access the last known location of disconnected objects including Bluetooth devices. If the JioTag is lost, users can report the loss through the JioThings app, and the Jio Community Find function will assist in its recovery.

By comparison, Apple AirTags offer enhanced tracking capabilities. Using a network of iPhones, they can track objects that are more than 30 feet away from the phone.

The water resistance of the JioTag is uncertain, while the AirTag has an IP67 rating. However the biggest difference between Bluetooth devices is their compatibility feature. JioTag can work with Android and iOS devices while AirTag only works with iOS devices.