Jiah Khan’s Mother Alleges CBI Edited Her 2014 Statement

Rabia Khan, the mother of late actor Jiah Khan, has accused CBI officials of editing her 2014 statement. Rabia is one of the witnesses in the suicide case of the late Bollywood actress. Recently, Prashant Patil, Sooraj Pancholi’s lawyer, asked Rabia about her statement during the cross-examination. Prasant asked, “You said before the CBI that your statement to Juhu police was shown. You went through it and said that it is correct.”

To this question, Rabia said that she had submitted a 26-page statement, which was later edited by an officer. In her response, as quoted by the Times Of India, she alleged, “The officer has put his statement. (This) the portion was not correctly stated in it.” Rabia further claimed, “The beginning is correct. I wrote a statement and sent it to him by email and he put it. I have not said the statement has been read over to me and is correct.”

During the cross-examination, Patil questioned her about certain traumatic incidents in Jiah’s life. Rabia then detailed Jiah’s childhood trauma and later said that such questions hurt her sentiments. Meanwhile, Rabia Khan has made a plea wherein she wants to see the dupatta that was used by Jiah for committing suicide.

As per officials, the dupatta was shown to her last week. Rabia said that she was uncertain about the cloth and did not see it properly. Although the prosecution has opposed any such move, the cross-examination has been deferred and will be heard next week.

Speaking to the media after the cross-examination, the advocate of Rabia Khan said that many personal questions about films, marriage, career and previous litigations were asked of her.

For the unversed, after Jiah Khan died by suicide in 2013 and her mother alleged that Sooraj and Jiah had a disturbed relationship. She also claimed that Sooraj used to verbally and physically abuse her, because of which she took the extreme step of ending her life. Jiah left a six-page note before her suicide and blamed Sooraj Pancholi for her death.

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