JEE Main or NEET 2022: When Preparing for Chemistry? Don’t Forget These Topics From NCERT

Chemistry is an important subject for deciding rank in both JEE Main and NEET – the undergraduate entrance exam for engineering and medical colleges, respectively. Students find it relatively easier to score good marks in chemistry in JEE Main and NEET mostly because a lot of the questions are memory-based and from the NCERT.

All the chapters in the NCERT are important for these exams but there are a few chapters that are considerably more important. If you want to have an edge over others, then prepare these topics suggested by Sarita Khokar, head of department Chemistry/Academic Coordinator for classes 11 and 12 at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara Ghaziabad.

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Physical Chemistry: Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, and Electrochemistry are among the most important chapters in physical chemistry, and none of them should be overlooked. Those chapters are more likely to have numerical value related questions and numericals as single choice correct MCQs. Students will benefit from extensive practice in these chapters.

Organic Chemistry: The section of Organic Chemistry constitutes the major syllabus in JEE and NEET and all the topics are equally important. Students need to revise the topics thoroughly several times to get a hold on all the reactions and mechanisms of organic reactions. Questions on Nomenclature, electron displacement effects, conversions, and name reactions are most commonly asked. GOC and chemical reactions of carbonyl compounds, amines and alcohol are some important topics on which questions are based often. Chapters like biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, and polymers can’t be ignored because a few questions are asked from these topics as well.

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Inorganic Chemistry: The section includes the chemistry of various elements and their compounds, including trends of properties. Students need to understand the properties and their trends and also exceptional cases with proper reasons. Intensive and planned reading of chemistry NCERT as well solving questions from NCERT exemplar is necessary. Learning trends for chapters like p-block and d-block is extremely important. A thorough understanding of concepts in coordination compound is needed to score well.

Note: NCERT’s graphs, tables, and exceptions should not be overlooked.

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