JEE Main 2023: Last One Month Preparation Strategy for Session 1

only one month left jee main 2023 In session 1 entrance exam, candidates are preparing to appear in this national level engineering entrance exam, and while many serious students would be finished with their preparation strategy and would be on the way to start revision, There are still some important hints and tips students forget in the lead up to such important competitive exams.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2023 is going to be conducted in two sessions, with the first session being conducted in late January and the second round being conducted in April this year to give an opportunity to the candidates to improve their scores in the exam Could If they are not able to give their best in one attempt and get entry into the world of engineering or become eligible to appear in JEE Advanced.

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It is important to know the exam pattern before appearing for any competitive exam as it will not only give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the exam but will also help you know the number of sections, types of questions and much more.

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme for JEE Main 2023

A total of 90 questions will be given to the candidates where the weightage for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will be equal on 100 marks. There will be 25 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in the three subjects, each consisting of 10 questions in the form of numerical value, out of which students will have to answer only five. For every correct answer students will get four marks while for every wrong answer there will be loss of one mark.

Important Topics/Chapters for JEE Main 2023 Paper 1

Physics- Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, SHM, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics

chemistry- Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry, Coordination Compounds, Salt Analysis, Ionic Equilibrium, Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, Aldehydes and Ketones, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, GOC Isomerism, Liquid Solutions, Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides

mathematics- Complex numbers, Conic section, Circle, Calculus, Vector and 3D, Probability, Trigonometric equations, Properties of triangles, Quadratic equations, Sequences and series, Permutations and combinations

Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2023 Session 1

Avoid reading at night With only a few days left for the exam, students sometimes study late at night with less brain cognitive power than early morning when it is high throughout the day, compared to preparing for the exam in the morning. I get better. In the night.

time management- Time plays an important role in studying and cracking any competitive exam and as the previous year trends show, JEE Main paper is often lengthy and students sometimes need to solve the entire paper. Not enough time is given, which reduces the time taken to solve each question. Important

Solve the questions with more weightage first- Make a habit of solving high weightage questions first while attempting the actual entrance exam and all mock tests.

Learn from mistakes and move on Students often face difficulties while preparing for highly competitive exams and it is important to learn from those mistakes and move forward. Build on the foundation, clear the concepts to nail the entrance exam.

Mock Test- Solving mock tests will help students to know which topics need to be focused and will also help in time management.

Amendment- A student is always advised to revise the topics from time to time to ensure their grip and learning on that specific topic. Learning from NCERT books and building on the basics can be beneficial for students.

This last month before the exam should be utilized by every candidate to enhance their problem solving skills and strengthen their hold on the concepts involved thoroughly while reducing the amount of time required to solve any problem needed.

– Written by Saurabh Kumar, Chief Education Officer (CAO), Vidyamandir Classes (VMC)

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