Jalgaon girl gets National Bravery Award for saving mother from electric shock – Henry Club

Six-year-old Shivangi Kale from Jalgaon, one of the recipients of the Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award for bravery, doesn’t quite understand how her sense of humor averted a major tragedy at her home in January last year.

Shivangi, now a class I student at Podar International School in Jalgaon, was in senior KG when she saved her mother and younger sister Ishaanvi from electrocution.

It was on January 5, 2021, when Shivangi’s mother Gulbakshi Kale, herself a retired naval officer, was heating water for bathing in a steel bucket using an electric heater with iron rods. Soon, Gulbakshi realized that he was feeling electrocuted.

“I could see my little daughter running towards me, but I couldn’t even tell her to stop because I couldn’t speak. Then Shivangi grabbed Ishanvi’s hand and pulled her back. I saw him handling the situation when he instructed his sister not to go near me. I noticed that his eyes were pulling my hand towards the switchboard, which was about 5 feet in height. She brought a stool to stand on and turned off the equipment. The effect of the electric shock subsided and I physically stopped shivering. But I was in a state of shock and I sat speechless on the couch. Shivangi patted me on the back and asked me if I was fine.

According to the black couple, everything happened in seconds and hence Gulbakshi did not suffer any major injuries.

His father and Jalgaon Prasad Kale said, “When we asked him how he knew what needed to be done, he said he was told to be careful about electricity and connected appliances at home and school. ” said a manufacturing head of the plant. Vishal.

Kale then applied for the award online. He proudly said, “Around 600 applications were received out of which 29 were selected and Shivangi is one of them.”