Jackie Shroff Loses Cool at Paps on International Yoga Day, Says ‘Kyun Mere Muh Mein…’ | Watch – News18

Jackie Shroff loses cool at paps on International Yoga Day.

Jackie Shroff loses cool at paps on International Yoga Day.

Actor Jackie Shroff appears to lose his cool at photographers as they crowd around him on International Yoga Day. Check out the video here.

On International Yoga Day, Bollywood star Jackie Shroff appeared to lose his temper at photographers after they mobbed the actor while he was leaving from an event in Mumbai. Jackie told the paparazzi to calm down and focus on their breath.

In a video shared by ANI, Jackie can be heard saying, “Saans le lamba, itna chilla raha hai, heart ke lafde ho jayenge, araam se re, mera bacha aaram se (Take a deep breath. Why are you shouting so much? Your heart will be affected. Relax).” He then continued, “Saans pe dhyaan rakh, baaki kuch kaam ka nahi hai. Aaya, saans tha toh. Gaya, saans gaya toh. Kyun mere muh mein ghusa raa hai mic? Thoda door rakhna, aa rahi hai awaaz. (Pay attention to your breaths. Why are you putting the mic in my mouth? Maintain distance, you will still get my voice).”

Earlier in the day, Jackie also participated in a yoga session in Mumbai. He took to his Instagram account and shared multiple videos from the event. “Lamba saans leneka aur Yoga karneka Bhidu (take a deep breath and do yoga),” he captioned the videos.

Last month, Jackie Shroff issued a statement thanking Delhi High Court for protecting his personality rights. In his statement, Jackie shared that he is “grateful” for the court and talked about why it is important to prevent the misuse of a celebrity’s attributes. Recently, the High Court issued an injunction against those misusing Jackie’s name, image, voice or any other personal attributes.

“I am immensely grateful to the judiciary for passing an order that safeguards my personality rights, including my name, image, likeness, voice, and other unique attributes. For a long time, celebrities had little to no recourse against the misuse of their persona. However, I am heartened by the fact that courts have progressively recognized and protected these rights, as demonstrated in landmark cases involving Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Anil Kapoor. These precedents have been very encouraging and motivated me to assert my rights,” Jackie Shroff said in his statement.