ITC achieves plastic neutrality milestone

Kolkata, April 6 In line with the commitment made last year, ITC has gone beyond its goal of plastic neutrality in 2021-22 to follow an integrated solid waste management program consisting of a multi-pronged initiative.

Under this programme, the company has collected and sustainably managed over 54,000 tonnes of plastic waste across 35 states and union territories. The amount of plastic waste exceeded the amount of plastic packaging used by the company during the year, enabling it to achieve the milestone of plastic neutrality, the company said in a press statement.

ITC has been running a holistic 360-degree solid waste management program for over a decade which is based on the principles of a circular economy and covers the entire waste value chain.

This milestone is another reflection of ITC’s commitment to fostering environmental and social capital, in line with Chairman Sanjiv Puri’s Sustainability 2.0 vision, which calls for inclusive strategies that can support even more livelihoods and adopt new avenues to fight climate change.

The company has achieved this milestone by increasing its portfolio of holistic initiatives focused on in-house innovation, strong waste management program centered around source segregation and sustainable business practices with broad impact.

“For decades, ITC has pioneered industry-leading efforts in end-to-end waste management. Through a large-scale and integrated solid waste management program, it has moved from plastic neutrality this year. In addition, the company has been the leader of the industry. It is also using state-of-the-art innovations to develop sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. The endeavor to move beyond plastic neutrality and sustainable management of waste as part of our Sustainability 2.0 agenda will continue in the years to come,” said Sanjeev Ranggrass , Group Head, ITC Life Sciences & Technology, Central Projects, EHS & Quality Assurance, ITC, said in the statement.

ITC has taken a multi-pronged approach to reduce plastics in the rapidly growing company’s operations spanning consumer goods, hotels, paperboard and packaging. This includes creating next generation eco-friendly packaging solutions, a massive waste collection program under its flagship waste management initiative ‘ITC Wah – Well-Being Out of Waste’ as well as focused interventions in rural areas; Culture of Plastic Free Operation – In line with its philosophy of responsible luxury to eliminate the use of single use plastics in ITC hotels; and innovative models for sustainability, which have plastic reduction and management at their core.

Within its operations, ITC has been recycling over 99 per cent of the waste for over a decade.


ITC WOW, which enables the creation of a clean and green environment through community participation, has so far covered 18 million citizens in 46.7 lakh households in India. Presently in major cities of Bengaluru, Mysore, Hyderabad, and several districts of Telangana, Coimbatore, Chennai, Tiruppur, Kochi, Muzaffarpur, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, the initiative has raised awareness among over 52 lakh school children and 2,000 corporates. start.

The initiative has also created sustainable livelihoods for over 16,900 waste collectors by facilitating an effective collection system in collaboration with municipal corporations.

Apart from WOW, a separate ITC program on Solid Waste Management (SWM), which deals with both wet and dry waste, is also operational in 17 districts of nine states, covering 14.6 lakh households.

The company’s targeted waste management initiatives not only ensure that less waste goes to landfills, but also enables large-value recovery from waste, creating sustainable livelihoods for waste collectors, while collecting plastic waste. Doing and sorting creates additional income streams.

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April 06, 2022