Israeli forces enter Ramallah to demolish home of Jerusalem bomber

Israeli forces entered Ramallah on Wednesday night to demolish the house of the terrorist behind the november Jerusalem bus stop bombingAccording to the unit of IDF spokesman.

Clashes began as Israeli forces entered Ramallah, with at least one Palestinian Minor wounded by Israeli fire, according to Palestinian reports.

The terrorist, identified as Islam Farooq, was arrested by Israeli forces in late December. In February, the IDF announced that it intended to demolish Farrokh’s home.

Police at the scene of a Jerusalem terror attack following two bombings at a bus stop near the entrance to the city on November 23, 2022. (Credit: Mark Israel Salem / The Jerusalem Post)

bombings in jerusalem in november

Israeli citizens on 23 November tadasa tshume ben mada and Arya Shchopec were killed after explosives planted by Farrukh detonated at the entrance to Jerusalem and at two bus stops in the city’s Ramot neighborhood.

According to the indictment against Farooq, the terrorist had adopted the worldview of the ISIS terrorist organization and studied mechanical engineering at an Israeli college.

A day after the attacks, Farooq sent a telegram claiming responsibility for the attack to the ISIS affiliate Nasher News.