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IREF will run a campaign against the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) scheme from September 19. Rail Hunt

  • Central Government’s National Monetization Plan Conspiracy to Re-establish Company Raj in the Country – Sarvjit Singh

New Delhi. In relation to the National Monetization Scheme of the Central Government, a virtual meeting of the Central Executive Members of the Indian Railway Employees Federation (IREF) was held today, in which Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was reacting sharply to the statement of giving the country’s assets including railways in private hands. Said that any proposal to sell the railways will not be accepted. The central government’s monetization of the country’s assets in just six lakh crores is a big conspiracy to re-establish company rule in the country, it is an insult to thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country.

It is noteworthy that recently the Central Government announced the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) scheme, which mainly consists of 40 railway stations, 90 passenger trains, 15 stadiums, innumerable railway colonies, goods sheds, goods train corridors, 25 airports, Many properties like roads, factories etc. have been identified, whose monetary value has been stated to be only six lakh crores, while its value is very high, these assets are the basic infrastructure of the country, which the people of the country have spent many decades hard work and crores of rupees. Developed by spending Rs. These assets have a significant contribution in the all-round development of the country that has been possible. National General Secretary of Indian Railway Employees Federation Sarvjit Singh said that if the assets of the railways are monetised and handed over to the domestic and foreign multinational companies, then it will increase the rates of passenger fares and freight rates wildly. Companies will exploit.

Freight rates will increase hundreds of times, this will increase the price of goods, inflation will increase in the country, because the only goal of private companies is to earn profit. India is a welfare state, so railways provide cheap, easy travel and freight facilities to the people of the country on the basis of “no profit no loss”. Various railway officials involved in the meeting said that with this direct entry of domestic and foreign companies into the structure of Indian Railways can also pose a serious threat to the internal and external security of the country, domestic and foreign companies can use the resources of the railways. Will reap the profits. Giving stadiums in private hands is a big conspiracy, Railways has given innumerable Olympic players to the country who have brought laurels to the country. Private companies will also exploit the players, privatization of sports stadiums will stop the development of sports talent.

Federation’s National Vice President Dr. Kamal Usri and Amrik Singh said that the IREF considers the National Monetization Plan of the Central Government to be a conspiracy to re-establish company rule in the country, so we protest against the decision of the Central Government to monetize the national assets and give them to private companies. In protest, from September 19, 2021 to September 28, 2021, he will run a campaign against the government’s national monetization plan by mobilizing workers, farmers, intellectuals, youth, students and women from all over the country. Online virtual meeting chaired by I.R.E. F. of the Hon. Ravi Sen ji did. In the virtual meeting, Union General Secretary of North Central Railway Workers Union Manoj Pandey, Central Treasurer Sanjay Tiwari was also involved,

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