Internet of Things gets 5G push with IIT-Hyderabad’s cellular chipset Hyderabad News – Times of India

Hyderabad: Machines to . connect to Internet will soon be with the mainstream Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) Launching Koala, India’s first 5G Cellular Chipset on Wednesday.

India is set to announce the official rollout of 5G services by 2022, IIT-H’s narrowband Internet of Things System on ChipNB-IoT) is a 5G giant machine-type-communication technology that enables low-bit-rate IoT applications over long distances and device battery life up to 10 years. Cyient designed the semiconductor of the chipset.
“Cell phone technology enabled people to connect to the Internet. This chipset enables machines to connect to the Internet. It is a game-play with applications spanning various industries such as utility (electricity, water, gas), asset tracking- Changing technology is location tracking for transporting goods, digital healthcare applications and many more,” said Professor Kiran Kuchi, Professor in the Department of Power, IIT-H, who is leading the national 5G research and standards development effort. are.
NB-IoT will enable smart meters
NB-IoT smart meters are set to enable a plethora of machine-to-machine connectivity, sensor connectivity. “The commercialization is being done by WiSig Networks, a 5G start-up that has been incubated at IIT-H. The commercial launch of the chipset is expected within a year,” Kuchi said.
The chip supports a 3GPP Rel-13/14 compliant NB-IoT modem with integrated baseband and radio, an application processor for location tracking, and GPS functionality. It was developed as part of an indigenous 5G trial project funded by the Department of Telecommunications.
Officials said the technology being used for 5G is home-grown on both hardware and software. “Koala NB IoT fulfills the objective of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and has a wide range of 5G applications. I am also glad that Cyient has been a partner in this development,” said Prof BS Murthy, Director, IIT-H said.


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