International Yoga Day 2024: Say Goodbye To Double Chin With These 7 Yoga Asanas

Double Chin is a very common condition today. The causes vary from genetic disposition to weight gain and reduced elasticity due to age. Cosmetic surgery gives instant visible results but leads to recurrence and health issues. Yoga, especially face Yoga which targets building muscle tone on and around the chin area is the time tested and best noninvasive method to achieve a chiselled face. If done regularly for a long period, Yoga not only enhances the aesthetic look but contributes towards better blood circulation and thus better health. 

Apart from Tongue Lock, Pouts and Neck stretches, there are many asanas named after animals which target the double chin. The important ones are Fish, Cobra, Lion and Camel poses which should be done under guidance to achieve a long term remedy from a double chin.

Ahead of International Yoga Day 2024 – which is celebrated on June 21 every year, check out why people get doube chin and some key yoga asanas to lose face fat.


What Can Be The Reasons For A Double Chin?

Apart from ageing, there are many more reasons that contribute to a double chin like: 

1. Genetics – For some people due to their genes, fats gets deposited in their upper neck and chin region. 

2. Weight Increase – Gaining weight can lead to a double chin as some of the additional fat may accumulate around the neck.

3. Skin Elasticity – Reduced skin elasticity with age can lead to sagging, even with lower body fat.


International Yoga Day: Why Yoga Is Your Best Bet To Lose Face Fat

Yoga has been beneficial for many issues for many people around the world. Beyond its benefits for relaxation and flexibility, yoga can be beneficial in reducing the double chin as these specific yoga asanas would be targeting the parts like jaw and neck to reduce the double chin. You can choose from various exercises facial yoga poses, neck stretches, and chin lifts which would further also strengthen muscles in your throat, face, and neck. 

These exercises should be done consistently to reduce the double chin. Time and patience is the key as this is not an instant solution but slowly and steadily you would see the change.

Yoga could be a natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical solution for decreasing a double chin. Yoga improves blood circulation and posture, resulting in better skin and toned muscles. These exercises would not only solve the problem of a double chin, but it also improves overall well-being.

International Yoga Day: 7 Yoga Asanas For Double Chin 


1. Fish Pose – The fish, or Matsya, is an excellent pose for reducing double chin concerns.

2. The Cobra Pose – This is a useful exercise for a double chin and is part of the surya namaskar asana.

3. Lion Pose – The phrase “Simha Mudra” refers to the lion’s breath.

4. The Pout Pose – This exercise stretches the mouth muscles to decrease the double chin by pulling the cheeks in to make a pout.

5. Camel Pose  – This pose targets both a sculpted jawline and a full-body stretch. 

6. Tongue Lock – The word for “tongue” is Jivha. This workout involves stretching your tongue.

7. Neck Stretch – The neck stretch is a vital double chin reduction exercise for face, neck, and jawline workouts. It stimulates blood flow and energises tired muscles.

Yoga provides a thorough, non-invasive approach to reducing double chins. Face yoga helps to tone your face, strengthen and stretch your neck muscles, and improves your general health. Consistency is essential; frequent practice of these workouts can help you acquire a chiselled face and increase your self-esteem.

(This article is meant for informational purposes only and must not be considered a substitute for advice provided by qualified medical professionals. Always contact a yoga expert and your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.)