International Day of Human Unity 2021: Theme, History and Significance

International Human Solidarity Day 2021: 20 December is marked as International Day of Human Solidarity (IHSD). It is a United Nations Day that honors ‘unity in diversity’. On the occasion of this eventful day that values ​​universal unity, let us learn more about it in terms of its theme, history and significance:

IHSD aims to promote solidarity for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty alleviation. It seeks to promote the economic, social and cultural solidarity of people all over the world. The theme focuses on promoting cultural equality, social justice that is directed towards human and social development (especially in developing countries). The theme remains the same every year.

International Day of Human Solidarity: History

IHSD is envisioned on the basic premise that every citizen needs to be aware of the importance of human solidarity.

On 22 December 2005, the United Nations General Assembly declared solidarity as one of the most important pillars of human relations. Keeping this in mind, the United Nations decided to dedicate 20 December as the day of celebration of IHSD around the world, to bring home the importance of solidarity in ensuring equality and social justice across different cultures in the world. .

A World Solidarity Fund was launched by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 December 2002 to reduce poverty around the world.

It became part of the Trust Fund of the United Nations Development Program in February 2003.

International Human Solidarity Day: Significance

IHSD focuses on taking new initiatives to address global challenges in terms of poverty, sustainable development and overall well-being and world peace. Its importance lies in reminding the government to respect international commitments and agreements directed towards getting rid of inequality. The event seeks to generate discussion and debate on the topic of increasing human solidarity and tolerance.

The IHSD logo has been carved keeping in mind the theme of this international event. It consists of 4 humans with their arms outstretched around the earth. The different colors of the arms symbolize unity in diversity.

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