Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri to testify in US Congress on harm to youth


New Delhi: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri will appear before the US Senate, the upper house of Congress, for the first time in the second week of December and testify about reports of the social network’s negative impact on teenagers. The New York Times reported citing the US senator, who will lead the hearing.

“He is the top person on Instagram, and the entire nation is asking why Instagram and other tech platforms create so much danger and harm by running toxic content to children with these extremely powerful algorithms. Hearing will be critically important in guiding We have to develop laws that could have an effect on making the platform secure,” Richard Blumenthal, chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, was quoted by the newspaper on Wednesday.

The senator said he would ask Mosseri how the app’s algorithms could trap and keep children in the online space. Hundreds of parents and children have already testified with their own stories about personalized feeds that promote unhealthy habits, self-harm and excessive dieting.

Blumenthal attempted to oblige Mosseri to make Instagram’s recommendation decisions transparent, and noted that Snap, TikTok and YouTube executives were already committed to more transparent algorithms.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an investigation into the impact of Instagram on teens, citing internal documents from parent company Meta. Studies conducted over the past three years confirm that Instagram can lead to eating disorders, unhealthy body image and depression among teens, especially girls.

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