Infidelity In Marriage: How Love, Lies And Emotional Disconnect Impacts Relationships

For many decades, people have been fascinated and alarmed by infidelity, that disturbing breach of loyalty and commitment. The mechanics of infidelity take on an intriguing dimension in the context of relationships, particularly in a nation with a diverse and rich cultural heritage like India. 

Although several elements contribute to this complex phenomenon, one important but frequently ignored catalyst emerges Emotional separation.

To examine the online dating behaviours of Indians going through a midlife crisis, Gleeden, a discreet dating app in India, commissioned a thorough study from IPSOS, a renowned worldwide market research expert, in February 2023.

It is crucial to comprehend the complex facets of infidelity as relationships change and society evolves. Emotional remoteness, which is frequently downplayed by more evident reasons, can have a big negative impact on relationships. 

Recognising and addressing these emotional gaps could result in stronger collaborations in the Indian context.

According to the survey, the majority of them stated that they were emotionally unhappy in their marriages, and emotional disconnect was one of the factors contributing to infidelity.

The Mysterious Case of Emotional Disconnect

The potential for infidelity exists when there is an emotional detachment, which is the gradual or abrupt loss of emotional connection between spouses. Partners frequently drift emotionally apart as a result of the hectic modern lifestyle, changing societal conventions, and growing expectations of people. 

When it comes to communication, quality time spent together, or rising emotional gaps, this divergence may at first seem modest. 26 per cent of the population claim that they are partially happy in their relationship whereas 6 per cent from Ahmedabad, 4 per cent from Indore, 8 per cent from Guwahati and 6 per cent from Patna claim that they are facing emotional disconnect from their partners.

The Enticement of Infidelity

Even though it is generally frowned upon, infidelity can be a seductive means of escape for those who are experiencing emotional emptiness. This is especially true in a society that is still developing free discourse on emotional discontent in partnerships. 

Tier 2 cities are feeling an emotional disconnect as compared to Tier 1 cities (1 per cent from Kolkata, 1 per cent from Delhi, 0 per cent from Mumbai, 2 per cent from Bengaluru, where as 6 per cent from Ahmedabad, 4 per cent from Indore, 8 per cent from Guwahati and 6 per cent from Patna). The attraction of finding emotional comfort, comprehension, and approval outside the primary connection can be potent in such a situation.

“The preservation of social and familial ties holds great significance in the deeply traditional Indian civilisation. However, under these structures, personal goals and emotional needs can occasionally take a backseat. This creates circumstances where people, particularly women, may look for emotional fulfilment in relationships other than their primary ones. Women are frequently expected by culture to take care of others, which leaves them with few opportunities for emotional expression and personal development,” says Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager, Gleeden, India.

Emotional Infidelity in the Digital Age

According to the survey, more females are left emotionally unsatisfied as compared to males (36 per cent of females and 32 per cent of males). The emergence of the digital age has altered the nature of relationships, allowing for the development of emotional ties beyond geographic boundaries. Online communities, messaging services, and social media sites provide avenues for people to create emotional connections with others outside of romantic partnerships, which can occasionally lead to infidelity. The strength of the emotional bonds formed through these platforms can be on par with those formed physically, illustrating how technology can amplify emotional isolation.

Putting the Flame Back in the Fire: Resolving Emotional Disconnect

Rethinking how relationships are fostered is prompted by the realisation that emotional distance may be a sign of impending infidelity. A crucial first step is to have an open conversation about emotional needs, expectations, and objectives. To keep emotional closeness as a cornerstone of their relationship, both partners must consciously work to comprehend each other’s emotional landscapes.

By placing emotional connection at the core of relationships, individuals can make an effort to bridge these gaps, develop trust, and eventually overcome the allure of infidelity.