India’s independent foreign policy got the applause of the PM of Pakistan. India News – Times of India

Islamabad: PakistanK PM Imran Khan Praised India for independence on Sunday Foreign PolicyStating that the neighboring country has always taken decisions in the best interest of its people.
Speaking at a rally in the northwestern Malakand region, Khan lauded India for its post-invasion stand by Russia. Ukraine And said that he believes that his country’s foreign policy should also be independent of all external pressures. “US sanctions on Moscow did not stop India from importing oil Russia Despite the close strategic ties between Delhi and Washington,” Khan said, like “our” neighbour, his foreign policy will also be in the favor and interest of the people of Pakistan.
Imran said, ‘I have not bowed down in front of anyone and will not allow my country to bow down.
He slammed the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif for objecting to his criticism of EU envoys urging Pakistan to condemn Russia at the United Nations. Imran said the EU envoys had violated protocol by asking Pakistan to condemn Russia.
Khan reiterated his statement against EU representatives earlier this month, saying, “I rightly asked them if they would write a similar letter to India… are we their slaves who make us belong to some country? Asked to make a statement against him.” “They (EU) cannot dare to ask India such a thing,” he said, adding that Pakistan does not gain anything by complying with the EU’s request.