Indian soldiers deployed on LAC: Army’s 6 Anti-Terrorism Division now deployed on LAC adjoining China

DelhiOne hour ago

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Considering China as a bigger enemy than Pakistani terrorists, India has now deployed 6 divisions of the army on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). This change in deployment has happened with the visit of the new Chief of the Indian Army, General Manoj Pandey, to Ladakh and reviewing the condition of the LAC. For two years, China has been conspiring to increase the jurisdiction by sending a large number of soldiers to India. In view of this, India had also deployed 50 thousand soldiers.

Division also sent to Eastern Ladakh

Now a division of Rashtriya Rifles stationed in Jammu and Kashmir has been sent to Eastern Ladakh. There was already a deployment of 3 divisions. ‘Gajraj’ from Tezpur in Assam has also been sent to compete with China in the Northeast. Assam no longer has an army for counter-insurgency operations.

The 17 Mountain Strike Division was deployed in Jharkhand from the West Front to the Northeast and one Strike Division from Uttarakhand under the Central Command. In Uttar Pradesh, two divisions from the Western Front have been deployed on the Northern Command in Ladakh.

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