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New Delhi: Four Indian riders have paid the price Equestrian Federation of India‘s (EFI) misdemeanor. And the price is huge – probably the end of his professional career.
Breaking the whip, the Oman-based International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF) has roped in four Indian equestrians to compete as Nepalese citizens and participate in the Tent Pegging World Cup Qualifiers in Greater Noida from March 16 to 18, 2021. suspended for the year. The tournament was organized by EFI under the aegis of ITPF in association with Delhi headquartered Equivings Sports.
According to documents with TOI, the ITPF general secretary Haitham MJ Al-Lavati I wrote to my counterpart WFI, Col Jaiver Singh, stating: “… the contestants representing the Nepal team (Indian passport holders) shall be suspended from participating in local and international competitions for a period of 24 months beginning 29 June 2021 and the Indian Federation on this Will follow up.”
He said: “The Indian Equestrian Federation should write a letter of apology to the ITPF, stating that it has not followed the legal procedures followed internationally before the start of the competition and to verify the passports of the participants. No response from EFI within 21 days, WC Qualifier will be canceled in India, and the qualifiers will be repeated with the participation of all countries as per the already agreed schedule.”
Yogender, the Indian equestrian representing Nepal in the tent pegging WC, Ghulam Mohammed, Kapil and Vinay Kumar, However, representing the Nepalese team, his name was mentioned in the result sheet as Yogander, slave, Kapil and Vinay.
Interestingly, Al-Lavati’s letter to Colonel Singh is dated August 18, 2021 and the EFI’s Executive Committee (EC) meeting took place on August 20 at Lodhi Road here, with the Delhi High Court-appointed observer Dr. SY Qureshi, However, the EC minutes of the meeting were uploaded on the EFI’s website only on Thursday, November 18, which the letter referred to. The EFI is conducting its own internal inquiry into the matter under the chairmanship of Col Rakesh Nair (Retd), who had sought extension of one month through mail dated August 16 to complete its investigation at the Election Commission meeting.
Five teams took part in the event: India, Pakistan, Belarus, USA and Nepal. Out of the seven competitions held in the qualifiers, India claimed six gold and one bronze to finish first with a total of 515 points and qualified for the World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2023. Pakistan finished second. And after that Nepal ranked third.