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Indian Railways issues new patrolling guidelines

NS Indian Rail Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) have issued new instructions to perform patrolling duty. The new guidelines were issued after the Vigilance Cell submitted a detailed report on lapses in train safety.

According to reports, the Vigilance Cell after conducting security inspections in several Express and Superfast trains submitted a detailed file to the Indian Railway Headquarters and the Office of the Director General (DG) of RPF.

New guidelines for train escorting by RPF and RPSF have been issued by the Director General of Railway Protection Force. Senior officers of RPF and RPSF have been asked to strictly follow the recently issued guidelines and inform all the security force personnel.

According to the circular passed by DG RPF, a recent surprise check of RPF and RPSF train escorting parties by Internal Vigilance Cell of Railway Board found that the escorting parties were led by RPF or RPSF constables.

The Internal Vigilance Cell in its report also elaborated that there was no sub-officer or a head constable posted as in-charge to lead the party, explaining the lack of monitoring and monitoring of RPF escorts by subordinate or superior officers. it shows.

RPF DG further mentioned that escorting of trains is a routine matter and the RPF or RPSF personnel deployed for train escorting and their supervisory officers are not performing their duties properly. Therefore, there is a need to review and revive the zone-wise escorting system of trains.

In the circular from RPF DG office, it has been directed that as far as possible a subordinate officer should lead the train escorting parties. In the absence of a subordinate officer, at least one constable must lead the escorting party. The duty officer should inform the escorting parties about issues including criminals and anti-social elements and do’s and don’ts.

The circular also suggested to ensure effectiveness, vigilance escort checking has been fixed between 10 pm and 4 am. Duty officers have been instructed to make maximum contact with escort parties from the station between 10 pm and 4 am.

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