Indian Fans Lambast Mohammad Hafeez for Remark on Rohit Sharma’s Body Language

Former Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez was severely criticised on social media for making some controversial statements regarding India skipper Rohit Sharma’s approach to the game and his leadership qualities.

Hafeez, during an interaction with a news channel, talked about Rohit’s body language and termed it “weak.” Moreover, Hafeez made a bold prediction about Rohit’s captaincy. He believes that Rohit will not remain Indian skipper for long.


“Look at his expression. This is Rohit Sharma’s expression after the game got finished. And they have won by 40 runs. His body language was weak when he came out to toss. I thought he was scared and confused. I can’t see Rohit Sharma whom I know. That Rohit Sharma who has played blinder of knocks,” Hafeez said.

The former Pakistan cricketer even shared the clip on Twitter and wrote, “My opinion on Rohit Sharma captaincy in Asia Cup.”

The tweet created a big buzz on social media as Indian cricket fans lambasted Hafeez for making such comments. Here are some reactions.

One Twitter user opined that it is simply illogical to judge someone by his expression.

“What a logic to judge someone’s captaincy by expression, seriously. The guy who has five IPL titles, Asia Cup, many series, and judging him by his expression? Sir this expression can also be due to exhaustion as cricketers are playing matches with extreme weather conditions at the venues and fielding 20 overs along with captaincy as well,” read the comment.

Another user felt a comment of this sort is simply embarrassing. “Stop embarrassing yourself, you choked in the semi-final against Sri Lanka when you were the captain,” wrote the user.

Another follower of the game rejected Hafeez’s statement and wrote, “Those who have seen Rohit Sharma closely over the years will never say these things. He has always been like this and not expressive like Kohli! But yes, in the last match he was a bit upset because of India’s bowling I guess.”

“Well said Professor Sab. Please retweet the same after the next match. We are waiting for your reply whatever be the result,” read another comment.

One Twitter user responded that Rohit does not celebrate like Pakistan skipper Babar Azam after winning against minnows. “He’s not Babar to celebrate wins against minnows,” read the comment.

Meanwhile, Hafeez also took a dig at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Hafeez was heard making some sensational claims. He opined that BCCI keeps on getting favorable treatment as it generates huge revenue.

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