India vs South Africa 2021-22: Virat Kohli should continue to play drive but for good deliveries: Batting coach Rathour

Centurion: Indian team batting coach Vikram Rathour feels Virat Kohli should not give up on an expansive campaign that has given him a lot of runs but he needs to be prudent while choosing the right ball for the right performance . Kohli trying to get into cover drives and off drives behind the keeper or into the slip cordon has become kind of the norm and Rathore was asked about the kind of discussions he has with the Indian skipper.

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“These are shots that get him (Kohli) a lot of runs and it is his scoring shot. He needs to play that shot and I think your strength is always your weakness. After playing a single cover drive against Australia in 241 against Australia in 2004, Rathore believes only hitting a certain stroke is not the solution.

“If you don’t play a certain shot, you will never get out playing that shot. You will never be able to score runs. Now there is a constant discussion on when to play that shot. “Was it the right and right platform to play that shot? If we can tighten up our game-plan a little bit, it will be better. So he (Kohli) plays a good shot and needs to keep playing that shot. But he needs to get better balls.”

We have to be patient with Pujara and Rahane


Rathore said that as a coaching unit, as long as both Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane are giving their 100 per cent, they are happy to be with the out-of-form duo. “They (Pujara and Rahane) are trying to give their best while giving their best. Rahane was looking in really good form before getting out. Pujara did too. He has played some important innings in the past. You see these are challenging situations for everyone…” Rathore said the team management will show patience.

“You need to be patient and as long as they are trying their best and giving their best, as a coaching unit we are fine, not at the level of how much time they get or we are getting impatient. ” ,


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