India, US Working to Address ‘Pressing Challenges of Our Times’: Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu

As trusted global partners, India and the US are working to address the “serious challenges of our times”, India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu said on Thursday.

Addressing the New Hampshire State Legislature, a rare privilege granted to foreign diplomats, Sandhu said India today stands as a “beacon of stability amid geopolitical uncertainties”; the architect of global economic growth; solution provider to some of the complex challenges of the times; And a consensus builder in a time of conflict and rising tension.” He added, “India remains interesting, important and incredible.”

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi He told the lawmakers that India-US ties are defined as a “partnership for global good” and people call it “the most defining relationship of the 21st century”.

“Our partnership within the QUAD, IPEF and I2U2 frameworks is creating progress and prosperity for the world at large,” he added.

Sandhu said that as trusted global partners, India and the US are working to address the challenges of the time, solutions that will involve harnessing American technology and Indian talent, Washington’s power to innovate and New Delhi’s ability to innovate .

“Some of it is already happening,” he said.

US companies are manufacturing more in India than ever before, with the two countries launching a historic initiative on critical and emerging technologies, he said, “technologies that are driving the world of tomorrow – semiconductors, artificial intelligence, telecom and quantum.” “We have active vaccine and drug collaborations like Corbevax which are more affordable and accessible,” the Indian envoy said.

Sandhu said, ‘From New Delhi to New Hampshire there are many threads that bind us together.’ “From the world’s largest democracy to the largest state legislature in the United States of America, we are guided by the same values ​​and vision ‘We, the People’,” he said.

Addressing a packed assembly, Sandhu said he was convinced of the strength of the shared beliefs and deep friendship and partnership of the two countries as he stood “in this temple of democracy, steeped in the hopes and aspirations of the people”.

Taking to Twitter after the address, the Indian Ambassador wrote, “Had the privilege to address members of the historic #NewHampshire House of Representatives and Senate this morning. Highlighted India’s transformative journey and its ever-strengthening partnership with the United States. During the address, Sandhu said that India is an ancient civilization but a young nation as 50 per cent of its population is below the age of 25. Its talent can be a game-changer for innovation and research for the world, he added. .

“We bring our strengths and successes to the table, and we’re always ready to share it with the world: from vaccines to disaster relief, to our digital public goods, to our skills,” Sandhu said.

Noting that India had supplied vaccines to over 100 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic and was the first country to send a humanitarian mission to Turkey when the disaster struck, Sandhu said, “As India joins the G-20 this year, With the motto of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’, our vision for global good will resonate far and wide. The top Indian diplomat in the US said, “When our students begin their education at Dartmouth receive, or when a scholar from Southern New Hampshire University receives a Fulbright Scholarship in India, we forge an enduring friendship between our peoples.”

He said that the Indian diaspora has been a living and strong bridge connecting the two great nations.

“The Bretton Wood twins – the IMF and the World Bank – were born here in New Hampshire, at the Mount Washington Hotel – and here we are when the World Bank is soon to be headed by a proud Indian-American!” He referred to Indian-American Ajay Banga, who is set to become the next president of the World Bank, adding that the second in command at the IMF is already an Indian-American.

He said that 40 percent of the world’s digital payments are made from India.

“Whether it is the world’s largest biometric programme, Aadhaar or the world’s largest financial inclusion programme, ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, or the world’s largest health protection mission, ‘Ayushman Bharat’, India has transformed itself into a tool for good governance. Technology has been actively used in the form,” he said. ,

“We have over 80,000 start-ups, of which 115 are unicorns. Our rural internet users (US$ 340 million) are more than the urban users (US$ 290 million). Sandhu said, the IMF has estimated 15 per cent of global growth to come from India this year.

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