India Meteorological Department has issued Yellow Alert in the form of severe cold wave in some areas of Northwest India.

If you are a resident of North West India, then prepare yourself for some extreme cold waves. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), cold wave and severe cold conditions will continue in the region for the next three days. Mercury will fall in this area and dense fog will occur at isolated parts over Uttarakhand during next two days and in Punjab, Haryana on December 23-24 as mentioned by IMD.

The Meteorological Department has also issued a yellow alert for the north-western region of the country, especially for Delhi, Haryana and Punjab till Thursday. On Sunday, Churu in Rajasthan recorded a minimum temperature of -2.6 degrees Celsius, followed by Sikar at -2.5 degrees Celsius and Amritsar at -0.5 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the national capital Lodi Road area recorded the lowest temperature of 3.6 degrees Celsius. Other regions of northwest India that experienced severe cold wave on Sunday were Ajmer (3.1°C), Pilani (0.1°C), Vanasthali (1.5°C), Chittorgarh (1°C), Bhilwara (0°C). Celsius), and Narnaul (1.2 °C), Sirsa (0.6 °C) in Haryana.

During the Yellow Alert, IMD has predicted dry northwesterly winds gusting to about 10-15 kmph over plains of Northwest India till December 21. This will further enhance the adverse effects of cold waves and cold day conditions.

The IMD has advised people to avoid outdoor activities during this period. It has also been advised that people living in Yellow Alert areas consume fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin-C and drink plenty of fluids, preferably warm fluids, to maintain adequate immunity. With dense fog predicted in some areas of Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana, the IMD has advised that lung-related health conditions may be aggravated as fog contains particulate matter and other pollutants that can clog the organs and may reduce its functional capacity. People may experience increased episodes of wheezing, cough and shortness of breath.

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