In Pic: Maruti Suzuki Jimny’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation Into A Mini Mercedes G63 AMG Lookalike – News18

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 08:55 IST

In Pic: Here's How Maruti Suzuki Jimny Gets Transformed Into Mercedes G63 AMG. (Photo: TimesBull)

In Pic: Here’s How Maruti Suzuki Jimny Gets Transformed Into Mercedes G63 AMG. (Photo: TimesBull)

In the world of car transformations, this Jimny’s makeover sets a new standard. It’s a blend of style, luxury, and innovation – proving that even the smallest vehicles can dream big!

Ever imagined a Maruti Suzuki Jimny as a mini version of the robust Mercedes Benz G63 AMG?

Let’s dive into the details of this incredible makeover, from its stunning exterior to its surprisingly luxurious interior.

At first glance, the converted Jimny is hardly recognizable. Its boxy shape has been replaced with a sleek aftermarket body kit. The highlight? A Mercedes AMG-style grille that gives it a bold G-Wagen vibe.

The custom headlights mimic those of the real G-Wagen, and the bonnet and front fenders have been swapped out. LED turn indicators on top add to its fierce appearance, as reported by Timesbull.

Adding a practical touch, the Jimny now features a roof-mounted LED light bar, although it’s only for off-road use in certain areas like Chandigarh.

On the sides, attention is drawn to the massive 20-inch alloy wheels, possibly replicas of those found on the G63 AMG. The ORVMs (wing mirrors) and side fenders also take inspiration from the G-Wagen.

Even the rear of the Jimny has been revamped, with a new bumper housing aftermarket LED taillights and a stylish rear spoiler.

Inside, prepare to be amazed. The interior has undergone a complete transformation with a black and white theme, exuding luxury. Custom-painted door panels match the white leather seat covers, while the rear seats boast Brabus emblems.

The driver’s cockpit is equally impressive, with leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats, ambient lighting, and other premium touches.

This Jimny conversion showcases the creativity of car enthusiasts, but it’s essential to consider factors like cost, legality, and driving dynamics. Modifications can be expensive, must comply with regulations, and may affect the vehicle’s performance.

In summary, this mini Mercedes G63 AMG lookalike proves that with the right modifications, an ordinary car can become something extraordinary.