In Parliament, the opposition pulled up the government on inflation, unemployment. India News – Times of India

New Delhi: Members of the Opposition Rajya Sabha On Thursday, the government accused the government of diluting the federal structure with the TMC citing the move to expand the jurisdiction of the BSF and amend the IAS cadre rules without consulting the states. Lok SabhaThe parties alleged that the government had failed to rein in prices and check unemployment.
During the resumed debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in the Upper House, BJD MP Sasmit Patra alleged discrimination between states, pointing out that 25 lakh houses in Karnataka are covered under the PM Gramin Awas Yojana And there were not even 6 lakh houses in Odisha. Despite the Naveen Patnaik government’s request being pending for three years.
Congress MP Digvijaya Singh And ripun bag and TMC members Jawahar Sarkar Attacked the government for failing on the economic front with rising unemployment and policies in favor of only a few wealthy capitalists. K Keshava Rao of TRS tried to blame the government for increasing communal polarisation.
Although BJP MP Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Assam lauded the Modi government for making the Northeast a safe and peaceful place. “What is it that you would have done differently as PM in the times of Covid?” He asked the leader of the opposition in the state Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge,
In his first speech, the government alleged that the society has become fragmented and the economy is going through a bad phase. “We need to understand that printed words and flowery phrases don’t mean much to people who starve (and) have no jobs,” he said. He pointed to amending the BSF Act and expanding its jurisdiction to replace the IAS cadre rules as an attack on the federal structure.
In the Lok Sabha, Pinaki Mishra of BJD said that the government should look into the rising prices and not make empty promises on employment. He also referred to a Union Minister in Odisha ‘savagely thrashing’ an official.
The proceedings of the House were briefly disrupted when DMK members demanded the Tamil Nadu Governor to be recalled over his decision to send back the Bill against the implementation of NEET in the state.