In Man Udu Udu Zhala, Malati Requests Indrajeet To Stay Away From Deepali

Marathi show Man Udu Udu Zhala is at an extremely critical point. In the show, Malati is trying to hide Deepali and Indrajeet’s relationship from Deshpande Sir. Malati is afraid that Deshpande sir’s health may get deteriorated after knowing this fact. Knowing how these things can get complicated further, Malati is now trying to dissuade Indrajeet and Deepali from taking things forward in their relationship.

The recently released promo shows Malati telling Indrajeet that Deshpande sir will never accept him as son-in-law after knowing his methods of hooliganism while working as a loan recovery agent. Deepali and Indrajeet look tense.

Indrajeet then softly explains to Malati that while his ways of recovering loans are unfair, his love for Deepali will never diminish. Despite this, Malati requests Indrajeet with folded hands to stay away from her daughter.

Deshpande Sir, meanwhile, not knowing the full truth about Indrajeet and Deepali’s relationship has an inkling of it. He had a discussion with Malati that Deepali is spending more time at Indrajeet’s house, and it left Malati scared.

She recently came to know about their relationship when Indrajeet was tying a garland on Deepali’s hair. While Malati somehow adjusted to this despite her apprehensions, she knows how Deshpande Sir will react. Initially, Deepali’s parents made everyone know their disliking for couples, who hide their marriages or elope with their partners.

Man Udu Udu Zhala started on a promising note but its popularity seems to be diminishing now. Many among the audience are complaining that the serial’s storyline is becoming redundant. Some pointed out that the serial will just follow the same concept of stretching episodes before finally getting Indrajeet and Deepali married. Another fan pointed out that they were watching this serial only because of Indrajeet, played by Ajinkya Raut.

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