Imran Khan Says He Made His Relationship Official With Lekha at Ira Khan’s Wedding: ‘I Was Surprised…’ – News18

Imran Khan confirms he's dating Lekha Washington.

Imran Khan confirms he’s dating Lekha Washington.

Actor Imran Khan and Avantika Malik separated in 2019 and have been legally divorced for ‘a couple of years’. Imran is currently dating actress Lekha Washington.

Actor Imran Khan, who was married to his childhood friend Avantika Malik, parted ways with her in 2019 and has been legally divorced for ‘a couple of years’. However, the actor has once again found love in his life. In a recent interview, Imran opened up about his relationship with Lekha Washington.

The Delhi Belly actor spoke to India Today and recalled reading recent headlines about his relationship status and feeling ‘surprised’. He said, “There were pictures of us from Ira’s (Khan) wedding also that had come out which I thought were kind of official or direct and better like you can see our faces. Then last week, she posted like the silhouette picture and everyone’s like ‘They are official’, but what about the one without, where you can see your faces? That didn’t count? I was surprised that the headlines came from this and not from that.”

In the same interview, the actor spoke out about his separation from Avantika and said his mental illness affected their marriage. “I’m hesitant to add a lot of fuel to the gossip fire, but as I was dealing with all of this baggage and my internal struggle, I did find that my marriage and my relationship were not helping any of that. In an ideal, healthy dynamic between two people, you are both making each other better, healthier, stronger, and supporting each other to be the healthiest, best, strongest version. We were not in that place,” the actor said.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan is preparing to make his Bollywood comeback after a nine-year break, marking a significant moment in his career. Imran said, “I’m having these conversations with writers, directors, and producers. I’m trying to find something that really sparks. I guess at this point, two stories have kind of resonated with me, which I’m developing with the directors, but they’re not close to a full project yet. So, I don’t have a proper film that I have signed or a show that I have signed that I’m committed to yet.”

Imran Khan was last seen in Katti Batti in 2015 alongside Kangana Ranaut.