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If the dowry could not be given, the bride was burnt alive, the relatives complained

The family alleges that after the marriage, the demand for dowry intensified in the in-laws’ side. Even the husband was accused of brutally beating the wife. It is alleged that on Thursday night, an attempt was made to burn the bride alive by pouring kerosene on her body. The incident is of Tilsala Road in Tapasiya. Eighty percent of the bride’s body was burnt, she was admitted to the National Medical College and Hospital. The physical condition of the bride is worrying. Various questions have been raised about this whole incident.

The bride’s father’s house alleges that after the marriage, additional dowry was demanded from the bride. The pressure was put on again and again. Meanwhile, getting married cost a lot of money. The 23-year-old woman could not bring extra money from her father’s house. Then the repression reached its climax. Great unrest broke out in Anne’s house on Thursday as well. She complained that her husband started beating her as usual. Thereafter, he allegedly poured kerosene on her body. The bride started to cry. He started screaming in severe pain. He was later admitted to the hospital. However, even in this modern society, there has been an uproar over the allegation of trying to burn the bride in this way. However, in different parts of Bengal, the bride has to face extreme torture in the name of gambling. This is the demand of the residents.


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