IDF: Testimonies about the Bibas family are not verified

Hamas released a video of Yarden Bibas, father to Kfir (10 months) and Ariel (4), and husband to Shiri, who were all captured by Hamas on October 7. Rumors have circulated that Shiri and the two children have been killed in Gaza but the IDF stated that these claims could not be verified.

“The Hamas terrorist organization presented harsh documentation of Yarden Bibas,” IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated on Thursday night. “Our hearts are with the entire Bibas family. We will continue to return all our captives. Hamas employs psychological terror against the families of the captives. Its purpose is to exert pressure, to harm our resilience. The testimonies about the Bibas families are not verified. The world must demand Hamas release the captives.”