IDF hits hundreds of targets in north, central Gaza

The IDF engaged hundreds of Hamas terrorists and terror targets over the past twenty-four hours, the IDF said on Monday.

Over the last day, the Israeli air force hit around 250 targets in Gaza, the IDF stated. Israeli troops on the ground worked to locate weapons, Hamas infrastructure, including subterranean structures, and explosive devices.

Additionally, IDF troops directed an IAF strike on two Hamas rocket launchers which had been used to shower rockets on central Israel on Tuesday.

IDF operates in central Gaza

Israeli troops also directed an airstrike in the Deir al-Balah area in central Gaza.

The IDF conducts activities in the Gaza Strip. December 6, 2023. (Credit: IDF)

These airstrikes successfully eliminated both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists and destroyed a number of terrorist-controlled infrastructure.

Israeli troops also hit a terror cell conducting its operations next to a school in northern Gaza, the IDF added.

The IDF then proceeded to target a subterranean structure in the area of the school. In another school in the vicinity, Israeli troops found more weapons and ammunition.