IDF destroys 800-meter-long Gaza tunnel one kilometer from border

IDF troops of the 99th Division, along with combat engineering forces, destroyed an 800-meter-long, 30-meter-deep tunnel area of the central Gaza corridor, one kilometer from the border with Israel, the Israeli military announced on Thursday afternoon.

The IDF noted that the tunnel included some underground operational facilities and was utilized by Hamas terrorists.

IDF troops kill terrorists, destroy terror infrastructure

In addition, in the past week, forces of the Carmeli and 679th Brigades completed Zeitoun and Sabra neighborhoods in the Strip. During the operation, dozens of terrorists were killed, and some 50 terror infrastructures were demolished.

Forces of the 3rd and 8th Brigades carried out activities in the central Gaza corridor.

The troops of the Carmeli Brigade discovered and destroyed launch sites in the Zeitun area, which were rockets ready for fire toward Israel. Troops in conjunction with the Israel Air Force (IAF) demolished a rocket and weapons warehouse belonging to Hamas.