ICC Makes Major Changes In Rules, Would Be Seen In IPL And T20 World Cup 2024

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has introduced changes to rules surrounding stumpings and related Decision Review System (DRS) protocols. Additionally, two other rules were also revised. These amendments are expected to be implemented in this year’s IPL 2024 and subsequently in the upcoming T20 World Cup in June. These changes could add excitement and interest to the game.

Here are all the rule changes introduced by the governing body –

Change in DRS Protocols

The most notable amendment made by the ICC concerns stumpings and the manner in which the umpire reviews them. Previously, umpires often checked not only for stumpings but also for potential catches off the bat. Teams exploited this loophole, with wicketkeepers strategically appealing for stumpings without requesting a DRS review, prompting the field umpire to refer it to the third umpire. However, this rule has now been adjusted. If the third umpire is reviewing a stumping, their focus will solely be on the stumping itself, excluding any assessment of a potential catch. If the fielding team wants to verify a catch separately, they will need to initiate a DRS review specifically for that purpose.

Concussion Substitute Rule

In recent times, the ICC introduced modifications to its concussion substitution rule at the beginning of the year. To clarify, a concussion occurs when a player is hit on the head or sustains an injury due to impact. According to the rule, a player affected by such an injury could previously be replaced by another player from the final 12 or 15 squad members. However, a minor adjustment has been made. If the injured player had already been prevented from bowling due to prior reasons, the substitute player won’t be allowed to bowl either.

Furthermore, if a player sustains an injury, they will have a maximum of 4 minutes for medical examination by doctors and physiotherapists to determine if they can resume play after treatment or if they will be declared retired hurt due to a serious injury.

Addition To No-Ball Rule

In cricket, there has been a recent practice where the third umpire has been reviewing front-foot no-balls. If the on-field umpire misses these no-balls, the third umpire steps in to adjudicate. A new rule has been incorporated, expanding the third umpire’s duty to include scrutinizing the positioning of the bowler’s feet. This adjustment means that aside from assessing the front foot, the third umpire is now tasked with ensuring the placement of the bowler’s back foot behind the bowling crease. Thus, the third umpire must verify if the bowler’s feet adhere to the regulations within the bowling box.

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