‘I Used to Quote Novak Djokovic to Him’: RCB S&C Coach Basu Shanker Lauds Virat Kohli’s Passion For Fitness

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers around the world (AP and RCB Image)

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers around the world (AP and RCB Image)

Basu Shankar, who has worked with several athletes across disciplines, was impressed by Virat Kohli’s commitment towards fitness.

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s strength and conditioning coach Basu Shankar praised Virat Kohli For his passion for fitness. After taking over the captaincy, Kohli brought about a much-needed fitness revolution in Indian cricket. The batting maverick started taking fitness more seriously in 2015 as he worked with Basu and started working on a new template.

Speaking on RCB Podcast Season 2, Basu gave some insight into Kohli’s fitness world and said that the former India skipper had come to him in 2014 with a stiff back complaint and from the next year onwards, he made a huge difference in his fitness training. Made changes. ,

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He said, ‘The responsibility of this change (passion for fitness) is on Virat. I have been watching him since 2009. In 2014 he said he had a stiff back and can you do anything about it? It was only for six weeks and we could not do much then. But in 2015, he said that you should do bigger roles. So, I told him that we will create a blueprint for you and I will have to make major changes in the training that you are doing now. He asked a lot of technical questions, and after a lot of back and forth, he said: ‘Okay, let’s start,’ Basu said.

The current strength and conditioning coach of RCB said that he used to give the example of legendary tennis star Novak Djokovic and advised Kohli to train like an Olympic athlete. However, Basu, who has worked with several athletes, was surprised by Kohli’s commitment towards fitness.

“Virat has seen me coaching Dipika Pallikal (India squash player and wife of Dinesh Karthik) and she was in the top 10 at that time. So, Kohli told me not to treat me like a cricketer and treat me like an individual athlete. , So, I told him that you have to train like an Olympic athlete and I used to quote Novak Djokovic for him then. I am not tired of saying this but I have never seen a man like Virat Kohli. He can do the simplest, most boring things in life every day and it doesn’t matter whether he’s performing (on the field) or not. But that enthusiasm and extraordinary passion towards excellence is mind boggling. This helped me present my syllabus to him,” said Basu.

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Basu, who also worked with Team India, said that once Kohli, the then India and RCB captain, was confident of following the fitness pattern, it was easy for him to convey the message to other players, and he followed Dinesh Karthik Gave example.

“People always get caught up with visual fitness, they look at you (athlete) and they say, yes, he looks very fit. But athletic fitness is very different. Yes, Virat is very fit and he (fit) too. looks, cosmetics, and he is blessed that way. He is extremely powerful. Same thing with Dinesh Karthik… His flexibility and strength on the cricket field is unbelievable. I mean, he is the Ryan Giggs of cricket He is never injured much and rarely loses on the field. So, once the captain is brought into theory, everything else becomes easy. My theory is that once you hit one, So you hit five, once you hit five you hit 50 and once you hit 50, you hit the country,” he added.

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