‘I find it very enjoyable’: protests in the Netherlands city on the first night of the new COVID lockdown


Protests erupted in a northern Dutch city on Saturday night as a new coronavirus Lockdown imposed amid rising infection, bars and restaurants were forced to close at 8 pm

Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that hundreds of young people gathered in a central square in Leeuwarden, 140 kilometers (85 mi) north of Amsterdam. The video shows them setting off fireworks and raising the smoke while holding the flames. NOS reported that the riot police later proceeded to disperse the protesters from the square.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, media reported that bars in the southern city of Breda remained open beyond the new lockdown mandated closing time.

In the central city of Utrecht, student Suzanne van de Werd was not happy with the new restrictions.

“It is very difficult for me to accept the lockdown”, she said. “It’s so bad and it’s something that spoils my social life and the way I relax as a student.”

About 85% of the Dutch adult population has been fully vaccinated, but on Thursday the country’s public health institute recorded 16,364 new positive tests in 24 hours – at any time during the pandemic that has killed more than 18,600 people in the Netherlands. highest number of.

Acting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Root on Friday announced a partial lockdown and said it would last at least three weeks, adding that his government wanted to “give the virus a hard blow.”

The lockdown that began on Saturday night is the first in Western Europe since a new wave of infections began in parts of the continent.

Another student, Kars Ausum, was disappointed, less than two months after the Netherlands ended mass restrictions in late September.

“I find it very annoying. Now that we have gotten used to the old way of life we ​​must start all over again with restrictions.”

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