Husband in foreign country, wife became mother: In Bihar, when 5 thousand men went out to earn, they gave sperm, girls deposited eggs

Patna7 hours agoWriters: Manish Mishra

After 15 days of marriage, the youth of Siwan gets a visa to Kuwait. He does not return home for 5 years, but when he comes home, he finds a 3-year-old son in his wife’s lap. She is happy. All this happened under a plan. The young man knew that he would not return for 5 years, so he got his sperm preserved in the sperm bank of Patna. Called from there after two years. Here the doctor conceives sperm to his wife and she became a mother.

A soldier living in Jehanabad got married. Even before going to Kashmir on posting, he got his sperm preserved in Patna. The soldier was married. A year ago he gave sperm. He wanted that even if he does not live, then his child should come in this world, so that the lineage can go ahead.

This is the story of changing Bihar. Not one or two, there are 5000 such people in the state who are outside the state or the country, but they have preserved their sperm for the future child. The trend of sperm bank has increased rapidly in Bihar. Now like men, women are also doing egg preservation. Their number is 10% more than that of men. Most of them are doing this to focus on their career first. Know interesting cases in 8 slides and about the sperm bank of Bihar….

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