Hundreds Of Android And iOS Apps Put Millions At Risk: Uninstall Now

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Last Update: January 30, 2023, 17:03 IST

Malware found in over 200 apps affecting iOS and Android users

Malware found in over 200 apps affecting iOS and Android users

We see concerns about malware-laden apps from time to time and this time both Android and iOS users should be worried.

The week has started with a serious concern for smartphone users across the globe. Over 200 Android and iOS apps have been found to be malicious that can easily take control of your device and enable attackers to access your bank accounts and steal money.

These apps have been discovered by the Thailand Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) and the National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NCSA) from the country. report good, Both the bodies have already approached Google and Apple to remove 203 malicious apps from their respective app stores.

One can agree that 203 apps is a huge number and having them full of malware puts a big question mark on the security of billions of smartphone users. Apple is likely to thwart the threat on iOS with its stringent security measures, but one has to wait and see how Google deals with this development and removes all the apps listed by the ministry.

Here is a list of apps by DES and NCSA which includes:

– 4K Pro Camera

– Beat Maker Pro

– Art Filter

– blue scanner

– Chat SMS

– Cool Message

– easy pdf scanner

– Frames, Funny Collar

– hi text sms

– Dwarf Pro

– Menu Maker!

– paper doc scanner

Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister, DES has warned users who come across any of these 203 apps should update their devices and install these apps immediately. The biggest sign of these malware-infected apps installed on your device is severe battery consumption or sudden slow down of device performance.

Some of these apps are also capable of gaining control over your device which can help an attacker read your messages, and also monitor activities related to bank transactions which may include confidential details like your ATM PIN, card details or more. use is included.

The minister also shares basic digital hygiene to be followed such as not opening links from unknown senders, marking mails with identifiable details and checking comments for apps before installing them.

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