HowIMadeIt! Sahil Khattar: Kapil Dev and Syed Kirmani said ‘Haalat kharab hai, karna hai ya marna hai’ in the 83 World Cup – Times of India

‘Karn hai or die’ – this was the talk between Kapil Dev and Kapil Dev, not in exact words Syed Kirmani When India were scoring 17 for 5 against Zimbabwe in a league match against Zimbabwe at Trent Bridge in the 1983 World Cup played in England (won by India at Lord’s on June 25, 1983). And then came that extraordinary, unforgettable 175 not out Kapil!

Sahil Khattar, who plays Syed Kirmani in Kabir Khan’s upcoming ’83 (starring Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev) and is our guest on #HowIMadeIt this week, tells us that his game-changer is undoubtedly ’83’. Is. Watch the full interview in the video below.

And guess what! No, you will not be able to guess what Syed Kirmani said after seeing Sahil for the first time! “He said, ‘Hey, Kiri bhai!’,” Sahil tells us excitedly. But keep in mind, apart from the excitement, it was not easy to play the role. Mr. Khattar did not do any wicketkeeping in school or college. He received rigorous training from Kirmani, Kabir Khan kept a cursory eye on him. What came out was Sahil Fude diving to his right to catch Bacchus, who he says fixed it in one take and couldn’t believe it when Kabir said ‘Ok, moving on’. “I ran up to the monitor to see how it could be so smooth,” Sahil says in fact.

Sahil is certainly disappointed that ’83’ is yet to see the light of day, mainly because covid The pandemic that has so far killed Kabir and . hasn’t inspired Reliance Entertainment for taking There Way. “But when I see their sorrow (sadness), I say how little (less) of mine,” concludes Sahil in an interview you should watch immediately (click above) even if you’re not a cricket lover . The journey from a YouTuber to an actor now is inspiring and has a story that captures the attention of your eyes and ears.


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