how to change whatsapp number without losing old chat

WhatsApp brought many new usability and privacy features for users throughout 2021.

The SIM card needs to be activated and there must be a network as you will need to provide a One-Time Password (OTP) while changing the number registered on WhatsApp.

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There is always the fear of losing chats while changing old smartphones and mobile numbers. while chatting WhatsApp From Android To iOS And while the opposite can still be tricky, changing a phone number without losing the old data is an easy solution. The option is available on both Android and iOS and can be extremely useful when you are traveling abroad and need to get a new phone number. If you are wondering how this feature works, here is a step-by-step guide.

Readers should note that this feature works when a new number is in use. The SIM card needs to be activated and there must be a network as you will need to provide a One-Time Password (OTP). As mentioned, it is difficult to maintain old data when changing phones. To start the process of changing WhatsApp registered number:

  • Open WhatsApp app and go to Settings.
  • Open an account and select the option Change number. After that select Next at the top.
  • Users will be asked to enter the old and new numbers, after which tap on Next.
  • A new message will appear which essentially confirms your decision. At this stage, users will be asked if they want to inform their contacts about the change.
  • Here, users can choose – All Contacts, Contacts I Have, and Custom. When click on contact notification, WhatsApp contact information will be updated.
  • Select Done.

Once the process is complete, WhatsApp will restart and ask for an OTP on the newly registered number – similar to the initial setting-up process. This way, all chats will remain the same, but only your number will be changed. In the meantime, you can check out our recent coverage of all Features that WhatsApp got throughout 2021. This includes WhatsApp Payments and Business app updates. you can also check Six Features The Meta-owned (formerly Facebook) messaging platform is expected to meet in 2022.

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