Housing societies flooded: As residents complain of delayed response, AMC cites staff shortage – Henry’s Club

Residents in parts of Ahmedabad continued to battle flooding at their homes as the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) grapples with a staff crunch after two days of incessant rains on Sunday.

Harshit Shah, 47, a resident of Temple Avenue in Dharanidhar area, said, “Due to the rain on Sunday, it was only on afternoon (Tuesday) that the AMC sent help to fill water in our basement.” remained submerged.

“The basement, which is our car parking lot, got flooded in an hour. We tried to register our complaint but there was no follow up action from the AMC side. We made several calls yesterday but got no response. So we took our pump and took out about 75% of the water from the basement,” said Harshit.

He said that the employees of the civic body came around 1:30 pm on Tuesday and the water is still being extracted.

Parimal Shah, 47, a resident of Temple Avenue said, “We told our problem to a media house, only after which the AMC sent help.

According to Harshit and Parimal, the residents also went to the AMC office in their area, were given a contact number, but it did not work. Thereafter a complaint number was allotted to the residents.

After 11 pm on Sunday night, water started filling in the society. Vikram Jhaveri, a resident of Dewas Flats in Vasna area, said that the houses on the ground floor were flooded at 3 am. “Today, water was drawn by the AMC at around 8 am. Earlier, we made several calls but there was no response,” Jhaveri said.

According to the control room AMC, there was a shortage of staff, pumps and vehicles. As per the AMC control room report, “Our first task is to remove water from the roads and then work for such societies and complexes.”

“The switches in the sump got damaged during the rain on Sunday. They were repaired on Monday. So there was a problem. This has now been corrected.’