House of Gucci: The 100-Year-Old Fashion Giant’s Legacy in Pop Culture and Controversies


Italian luxury fashion house Gucci is synonymous with trendy trendy fashion and pop culture hype. However, a visit to this fashion house started a century ago by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921, is rife with interesting family feuds and a high-profile murder. The latter has recently become the subject of the Ridley Scott-directed House of Gucci.

As the brand celebrates its centenary since its inception, House of Gucci stands as a reminder of how the global fashion brand had many enemies. Starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek and Al Pacino, the film traces the story of the 1995 murder of the founder’s grandson, Maurizio Gucci, who was shot on the steps of his office on his prior orders. wife. Adam plays Maurizio while Gaga plays his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiano.

Before talking about the controversial murder of Maurizio, we should focus on the setting of the luxury house. Guccio was born on March 26, 1881, in a leather goods company and worked as a bellboy in a London hotel. It was here that he had his first experience with luxury goods when he saw the exquisite furnishings of hotel guests. Guccio opened the first leather goods store, producing luxury travel goods as well as equestrian gear for Italy’s wealthy upper class.

Gucci’s iconic print, which features a series of dark brown diamonds on a tan background, was created by Guccio when Italy suffered a leather shortage during World War II. Guccio’s sons, Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo joined their father’s business and opened more stores in Italy and abroad, sparking the company’s fortunes.

Even though the brand was playing its luxury items in global markets with celebrities in New York, infighting between the family continued. According to Deutsche Welle, internal disagreements between the Gucci siblings during the ’70s to ’90s, allegations of tax evasion, poor management, and the murder of Guccio’s grandson and former Gucci chief Maurizio, were some of the issues faced by the fashion house. There were incidents.

Bahrain-based Investcorp acquired the company in 1993, and the Gucci family lost all stake in the company. The fashion house was later bought by French conglomerate PPR, whose CEO, François-Henri Pinault, is married to Mexican-American actress Salma, who is also in the film.

Maurizio and Patrizia separated and Guccio’s grandson Paola lived with Franchi. Patrizia and her accomplices, including a self-confessed witch named Aurimma, played by Salma, were later convicted of the crime, and served prison time.

Today the Gucci fashion house is known for its gender fluid fashion, featuring artists such as Harry Styles, and Jared expressing his bisexual style through his creations. Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele designed the couture creations worn by Harry and Jared for the Met Gala red carpet appearances.

Are you excited to see House of Gucci?

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