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NS homepod The Mini – Apple’s smart speaker – is the Peak Apple in many ways. It is designed to work seamlessly within Apple ecosystem, which means that if you have iPhone Or an iPad so it’s an absolute breeze to deal with. but what if you have Android Want to use the phone and HomePod Mini? Here are some things you can and can’t do with the HomePod Mini, if you have an Android phone.
Connect and set up HomePod Mini: No, not possible.
The HomePod Mini doesn’t support Android, which means you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to set up and even control the smart speaker.
Listen to Music on HomePod Mini: Yes, There’s a Solution
When you can’t control and set up Apple smart speakers with an Android phone, you can listen to music. Android users can stream music, but they’ll need third-party apps. For example, there is an app named CloudPlayer — available at google play store – Which can be used to stream music on HomePod with Android phone. There is another app called AirMusic, which can be used on Android phones to listen to music on HomePod.
Use Other Music Apps on HomePod: Yes
HomePod supports third party apps like Gaana For you to stream music.
Connect HomePod via Bluetooth on Android: No
The HomePod doesn’t allow Bluetooth connectivity, so you can’t pair an Android phone with it.
Controlling Smart Devices with Android: No
If you have a smart plug, a bulb that’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, it can’t be controlled via an Android phone. You’ll need an iPhone to get the best out of HomePod or HomePod Mini.