Holi: Holi celebrated with traditional fervor in the city. Kanpur News – Times of India

Kanpur: The festival of colors was celebrated with gaiety on Friday in the industrial city. As the colors were thrown on Friday, the festivities continued over the weekend. Meetings with friends and mingling with relatives and neighbors will continue on Sunday as people are completely immersed in the festive spirit.
Since the state government declared Friday and Saturday as holidays, the citizens got three days to celebrate the festival. People of all ages – retirees and office goers, from college students to young professionals, women and children – all played with colors and wished each other a ‘Happy Holi’. ,Holika Dahen‘ Thursday was after midnight. After performing all the necessary rituals, the devotees performed the puja. After ‘Holika Dahan’, people laughed at the popular tunes Bollywood and Punjabi numbers. People played colors since Friday morning. Children used to use toy guns to spray colors on each other while their parents used ‘gulal’ to apply colors on each other’s faces. The children were most excited as they found toys that could sprinkle color and water. After the day itself, the throwing of color stopped. On Friday evening, people visited their relatives’ homes, where they enjoyed ‘gujiya’ and ‘papad’. meet and greet people Holi Continued on Saturday. Huge crowds thronged malls and multiplexes of the city to watch the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. Since the local markets were closed, people gathered in malls where they dine and shopped. Before marking the end of the day.