HMD Global starts exporting Nokia 105 feature phone from India

HMD Global, which sells Nokia branded mobile phones, on Thursday said it has started exporting its Nokia 105 feature phone to the UAE market, leveraging its partnership with local players in India. Speaking to PTI, HMD Global Vice President (India and MENA) Sanmeet Singh Kochhar said that the first device being exported is the Nokia 105, which is the number one selling feature phone in India. India and globally.

“We have started exporting from India. As of now, all our phones sold in India are made in India. Not only are they made in India, but we are also focusing on manufacturing them with Indian manufacturing partners and now we are starting to export from India.” He added that the Nokia 105 is being exported to the company’s associates in Sriperumbudur. Tamil Nadu and UAE are the first countries where the device will be exported.

Kochhar said it still has strong relevance for feature phones and various use cases — ranging from lower entry costs, lower recurring costs (no data costs) to longer battery life and repair costs. “Though the feature phone market is slowly declining, but in India, we have not declined, and now we have become number one in value… Feature phones are a huge market globally, it is just India. Not in Asia Pacific, Africa, MENA, Latin America,” he said.

HMD Global is working with various ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Solutions) partners to meet the domestic demand for feature phones and smartphones in India. India is one of the largest smartphone markets globally. While many handset makers have started assembling their devices in the country, many of them are taking advantage of India as a manufacturing base to cater to other markets.

The government has also introduced various schemes and incentives, including the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, to promote local manufacturing of electronic products.

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