Hinting female soldier to blame for terror attack is disgusting

Opposition party leaders criticized the remarks made by the panelists on Monday channel 14 It implied on Sunday evening that the outcome of Saturday’s attack on the Egyptian border had to do with the fact that one of the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint was a woman.

Channel 14 analyst Hallel Biton-Rogen said on Sunday evening, “A man and a woman soldier, alone for 12 hours through the night. Something is wrong here.” Panelist Boaz Golan later expressed support for Bitton-Rosen’s comments, stating that “crazy leftist agendas” were responsible for the deaths of the two soldiers, and that the media was “too afraid to say it.”

In addition, a Haredi newspaper, Go homedid not mention the fact that a woman had died in the attack, and instead chose to show photographs of both men killed, accompanied by the photograph Egypt border fence.

Dozens of people protested outside the home of Channel 14 owner Yitzhak Mirilashvili in Herzliya Pituach and outside Channel 14’s studios in Modin in response to the comments.

Israeli opposition party leaders lash out at Channel 14

Labor Chair MK Merv Michaeli Responded before the weekly party meeting of his party.

Channel 14 activists and supporters protest against then Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid outside the Tel Aviv government complex on October 11, 2022. (Credit: Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90)

“Combat soldiers, one woman and two men, who received a enlistment order and accepted the national and Zionist mission—to choose combat roles, to serve the state, to risk their lives, and to serve our For the heartache, he paid with his life by keeping us safe,” Michaeli said.

“This is what I am seeing with such great sadness in this incident.

“But what do you see on the coalition’s media channels? Channel 14 sees sex, sees intimate contact between men and women, sees lack of modesty. They see a young man and woman alone on guard duty at night, Lord Don’t, and all they can think about is sex. Not responsibility, not service, not courage, not comradeship. Just sex.

“That’s Channel 14. In the ultra-conservative media, they think so much about sex that they don’t even show Sergeant Lia Ben Nunn. She’s been erased. Instead of her picture, they show a picture of a fence, or a candle.

“Leah was good enough to pay her life to protect them, to make sure they could sleep well at night, but God forbid they pay their last respects and have her picture like the other two soldiers.” Show. Liya was good enough to serve. A place where her ultra-Orthodox peers are exempted from service. Exempted from protecting the state. Exempted from performing their role.

“In a place where editors and reporters and owners of ultra-Orthodox media websites sleep peacefully at night, their sons and daughters are not exposed to this mortal danger.

“The hateful poison machine of the coalition has no shame in insulting him and his memory. Shame on the media and shame on the nation.”

“This, friends, is the heart of our democratic struggle. The discrimination, objectification and elimination of women is not a minor part of the struggle against regime coup, but an essential part of its heart.

“As far as Netanyahu’s men are concerned, women are good on their own terms only for being a womb, certainly not for being combat soldiers, members of the Knesset, leaders, or simply being women in their own right.

“This is a group that sees women and soldiers as the people who serve them, not our country. So we will not give up until we win the fight for democracy and our country,” Michaeli said.

Israel Beiteinu President MK avigdor lieberman Also criticized the coverage.

“attempt to delete Photo of a woman in Haredi media, and the presentation and indications on Channel 14 about the events are completely inappropriate. I expect Shas, the head of United Torah Judaism and Netanyahu, for whom Channel 14 has become a private channel, to demand a clear and public apology. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back from any of them yet,” he said.