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Hindi will have to become ocean, not Ganga – Mool Mantra of Hindi Diwas Rail Hunt

Manisha Jha, Kharagpur

Despite Hindi being the third largest language in the world, Hindi has to face step-motherly treatment in its own country. Whereas even during the freedom struggle, Hindi played an important role in uniting the country. That is why Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had said that Hindi spoken in a large part of the country is the official of the national language. But even after 75 years of independence, Hindi could not get the status of the national language.

In 1970, the Supreme Court of the country refused to hear the petition of politician Raj Narayan because he wanted to debate in Hindi. Since then, many petitions have been filed for the rights of Hindi, but all were rejected. In favor of English, the Supreme Court refers to Article 348 of the Constitution, in which the language of court proceedings is said to be English. This law is well memorized by the Supreme Court, but they do not understand the Official Language Act 1976, in which there is a provision to prepare codes, manuals etc. in both English and Hindi language.

In the words of Bharatendu Harishchandra:

Developing one’s own language is the key to every development.
Without my knowledge of language, I don’t die.
That is to say that without the advancement of our language, the progress of the society is not possible. Without the knowledge of one’s own language, it is not possible to remove the pain of the mind.
The first President of our country, Dr. Rajendra Prasad had said that a country which does not experience the pride of its language and its literature, cannot progress.
Acharya Binoba Bhave had said that Hindi has to become the ocean, not the Ganges.

His contribution to the national language in the progress of developed countries like Japan and Germany is unprecedented. We need to learn from them. Nevertheless, in the last five-seven years, there has been a change in the people of India towards Hindi, because the current Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi, keeps his thoughts in Hindi on international forums as well. In countries like Germany, England and America, Sanskrit and Hindi language are taught in universities. Search engines like Google are also understanding the importance of Hindi.

The sports world is also constantly emphasizing on Hindi commentary etc. But the dilemma is that some so called intellectuals of our country treat Hindi step-motherly. Don’t be If we really want to see Hindi sitting on the throne of the world, then we have to give up second-class treatment with Hindi. The importance of Hindi will have to be explained to our children, only then the coming generation will also understand the importance of Hindi. For this, there is also a need to learn from our present Prime Minister who communicates in Hindi at national and international forums and emphasizes the importance of Hindi.

SW Railway: Implement the constitutional and statutory provisions of the Official Language Act: GM

Kolkata. Archana Joshi, General Manager, inaugurated the Official Language Week celebrations at Garden Reach, Headquarters, South Eastern Railway. GM gave some important suggestions for the use of official language. He directed all the officers and employees working in South Eastern Railway to implement the constitutional and statutory provisions of the Official Language Act. During this Hindi quiz competition based on the official language was organized for the officers. In which the Principal Chief Heads and Divisional Railway Managers of the Divisions and Additional Divisional Railway Managers enthusiastically participated. Additional General Manager Umesh Kumar and other officers were present in the meeting.

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