Himachal Pradesh government to replace petrol, diesel vehicles with EVs in phased manner

The Himachal Pradesh government plans to gradually replace all diesel and gasoline-powered cars in government offices with electric vehicles during the next five years. Chief Media Advisor to Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Naresh Chauhan said the government would favor electric cars to preserve the environment. For the next five years, the government department will buy only electric vehicles. Additionally, more charging outlets will be available.

“We will protect the environment and also save energy; Our government has decided to go for electric vehicles in all government departments during the next five years. From now on electronic vehicles will be purchased, and charging stations will be installed as we Want to keep our environment clean and green,” said Naresh Chauhan.

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On the dispute over the closure of cement factories in Solan’s Darlaghat and Bilaspur’s Barmana, Naresh Chauhan said that the government will soon break the deadlock created after the dispute between the truck operators and the factory management.

He said, “15,500 people have lost their jobs due to the closure of the cement plant. More than 50,000 people have been directly and indirectly affected in these two state districts. The government has issued a notice to the company to respond within seven days.” Have done.” ,

Chief Media Advisor to Chief Minister Naresh Chauhan said that the government is working to settle the dispute and if the situation does not improve, the government is also considering alternative arrangements.

He further said that development work would not be allowed to be affected due to shortage of cement. For this, the government will talk to other states and find an alternative way.

The Chief Minister has instructed the Director General of Police to maintain law and order as people are protesting there. We do not want law and order to break down. We want the dispute to be resolved. The government is serious about this issue and the impasse will be broken soon. The Chief Minister monitors the situation, and the government will resolve the issue.

Naresh Chauhan said, “This issue is not directly related to the government, we will resolve the issue.” Naresh Chauhan said that after the formation of the Congress government in Dharamshala on December 21, a rally would be organized before the assembly session, in which Congress workers from Kangra district would participate.

Chouhan said, “The Assembly Secretariat is organizing the Assembly session on December 22, 23 and 24, we will hold a felicitation rally, and Congress workers will participate in it.”

(With inputs from ANI)