Hidden Mystics of India: KarishmaShetty

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Some people are born empaths. They understand the pain of others without being told. Such people help others realise their ability to move ahead in life. Also, these people act as spiritual guides to those who have lost track in life or are struggling to understand themselves. Such people are the source of enlightenment for many. One such personality with divine psychic capabilities is KarishmaShetty.

Hidden Mystics of India: KarishmaShetty

Imparting a modern outlook, Karishma has a holistic approach towards spirituality. “Spirituality is not just a display of Godliness; it’s the emotion that blend you with your own inner spirit”, says Karishma.

Psychic powers are credibly displayed when the visions come true for the subjects. Karishma has been helping people navigate through important life decisions. Karishma founded Psychic Temple, a company dedicated to assisting troubled souls.Many celebrities as well as laymen are her clients, who regularly seek her advice on major decisions in their lives.

Karishma realised her abilities when she was deeply in silence with her thoughts. Around 12 years of age, Karishma started realising that her visions proved to be true and whatever she says about things happens in someone’s life. She began to study herself on a mysterious level. She looked everywhere for mystic knowledge of the universe, from astrology to numerology.The unfathomable mysteries of the universe and human beings kept her hooked to studying and learning many thoughts, beliefs, and religious streams, thus having an unbiased unreligious view of the mortal world.

To render ha support system for various souls searching for their purpose, psychic temples decided to reach the masses digitally. Karishma on Instagram advices her followers as @kayshetty. Be it Vastu, FengShui, Reiki healing, manifestation, witchcraft, candle healing, colour therapy, astrology, signature analysis, graphology or numerology, Shetty gives you accurate analysis of your personality career and solutions to navigate through important questions about all.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 17:37 [IST]