Here’s What Joe Russo Have To Say About Priyanka Chopra-Starrer Citadel

New Delhi: Whether it’s breaking box-office records (Avengers: End Game) or co-producing ‘one of the most awarded films ever’ (Everything Everywhere All at Once), Joe and Anthony Russo are masters of their craft. Audiences across the world blindly trust the content that impresses them, be it movies or shows. And, Citadel is the next big step for content, from Amazon Studios and Russo Brothers’ AGBO, as they envision and create an entire spy-verse that spans the globe.

Anthony Russo – I think this show is taking advantage of two very exciting trends that we’ve seen in storytelling over the last several years. We’re all developing a strong passion for narrative universes that have a vast manifestation to them, a manifestation of interconnected years, where characters change and form and move between different iterations. And at the same time, we’ve seen this growth in global film production and the ability to travel to non-English language films and other cultures, and cultures that are generally more English language dominated.
So, the show is bringing those two trends together for the first time, which is exciting.

Joe Russo – you know, we could have created a world where different regions were building stories around a major legend like this. So, I think there’s something new and exciting about digital distribution and its reach. And I think, you’ve never seen this before, because for the technology and the company behind it, it’s new. And I think it points to what storytelling could be. I think, you know, the audience is ready for something new. And for us, as storytellers, it’s exciting to have a new format that we can play in.

The first season of the groundbreaking global series consists of six-episodes, with two episodes premiering on Prime Video India starting 28 April, and one episode being released weekly from 26 May.