Here’s how traveling helps you grow as a person, explains Pooja Janrao

Despite being a highly successful architect with a large clientele, Pooja Janrao manages to make time to pursue her biggest passion – traveling. Traveling, in fact, has greatly contributed towards her becoming a social media influencer. Her travel posts are keenly looked forward to by her followers and each of them gets a roaring response from them. For Pooja, life is incomplete without traveling. On Instagram, she has 360k followers and recently, she launched her YouTube channel as well.

Talking about her passion, she says, “I have fond memories of all the family trips and holidays we went on when I was a child. Both my parents have always been very passionate about traveling and I guess, my love for exploring the unknown comes from them. Even I am caught up with a lot of work, I make sure that I travel to at least a nearby city during the weekend to rejuvenate myself.”

Apart from being therapeutic, Pooja believes traveling plays an important role in our cognitive growth. The most evolved human beings, Pooja believes, are the ones who have traveled extensively.

“I firmly believe that traveling helps you grow as a person. You visit different places and get to explore different cultures and sensibilities. You realize the world is much bigger and wider than you imagine it to be. If you remain confined to your immediate surroundings, you will never be able to grow. I feel parents should encourage their children to travel from a very young age. The more we travel, the more we learn and grow”, she states.


In the last two years, traveling was not very easy because of Covid-19 restrictions but now, Pooja plans to travel more often than before. She plans to explore several lesser-known places in India this year and has several international trips planned as well.