Hearing on bail of sacked health minister: High Court reprimands Punjab government; There was no evidence of recovery nor demand for money.

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Dr. Vijay Singla arrested in corruption case.

Hearing was held in the High Court on the bail of Dr. Vijay Singla, the dismissed Health Minister of Punjab Government. During this, the High Court strongly reprimanded the Punjab government. In fact, the government could not present evidence in the HC for recovery from Singla and asking for money directly.

The High Court asked the public prosecutor whether he opposed the bail or not. On this, the public prosecutor said that the investigating officer of the case is here. On this, the High Court said that the lawyer should ask his senior whether to oppose the bail or not, the investigating officer will not tell. The big question is why is the government confused on this issue?

In the last hearing, the High Court had given time
In the last hearing on the bail plea of ​​Dr. Vijay Singla, the High Court had given time to the public prosecutor. Even then, the public prosecutor was not clear on whether he opposed the bail or not. The High Court had asked its senior i.e. the government to inquire about it. However, today he took the investigating officer of the case to the High Court. After the rebuke of the High Court, the public prosecutor has sought more time.

CM Mann had dismissed the minister
Singla became the Health Minister after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab. However, suddenly CM Bhagwant Mann dismissed him. There were allegations against him that he had asked for 1% commission in every work of the health department. However, Singla argues that there was neither any recovery from him nor did he ask for any money from anyone. He has also given his voice sample for investigation. CM Mann claimed to have recorded Singla’s demand for money and confessed to his mistake.

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