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Meerut: A new fight is going on in the city Hastinapur And at its center is Archana Gautam, not Draupadi. Soon after the Congress nominated the actor, model and beauty pageant title holder as the party’s candidate from the constituency, pictures of her wearing a bikini started surfacing on social media. The Hindu Mahasabha has now jumped to say that his candidature from the “ancient, holy city” has hurt the sentiments of Hindus and Jains, many of whom consider it a place of pilgrimage.
“It is no secret that the Mahabharata-era Hastinapur, which is also a Jain pilgrimage site, is revered by followers of various religions, including Hindus. The Congress has fielded a bikini model from here. We strongly oppose the move. And appeal to the party that Ashok Sharma, National Vice President of Hindu Mahasabha, said that withdraw his name or we will be forced to protest.
BJP’s West UP vice-president said, “I have nothing against any profession or individual, but a party should be careful what message will be sent to the general public by its actions.” Manoj Poswal,
Beauty pageant winner Gautam, 26, and the actress were last seen in the adult comedy Great Grand Masti. “I consider it nothing more than just trolling. I was born in Hastinapur, this is my birthplace. I know the area inside and out and that’s why Priyanka (Gandhi) Didi found me suitable. People who are circulating pictures of me wearing a bikini have exposed their mentality. I’m proud of what I do.”
Refuting the criticism, senior Congress leader Alka Lamba said, “What kind of mindset judges a woman by the role she portrays on screen or the profession she chooses. Even (BJP leaders) ) as well. Smriti Irani She was a model before appearing in TV serials. We do not support those who share posters of their modeling days. I want to tell Archana Gautam that keep working and keep working hard. If she wins, it will be a victory for women and also a victory over regressive ideologies.”
Hastinapur is a small town and assembly constituency on the banks of the Ganges in Meerut district in UP. It was the capital of the Kuru kingdom mentioned in the Mahabharata, and is home to various places of worship such as Pandeshwar: and Karna Mandir. Hastinapur is also a major Jain pilgrimage center as it is believed to be the birthplace of three Jain Tirthankaras.